Publications [#71384] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Accepted
  1. Ryf, R. and Bernasconi, P. and Kolodner, P. and Kim, J. and Hickey, J.P. and Carr, D. and Pardo, F. and Bolle, C. and Frahm, R. and Basavanhally, N. and Yoh, C. and Ramsey, D. and George, R. and Kraus, J. and Lichtenwalner, C. and Papazian, R. and Gates, J. and Shea, H.R. and Gasparyan, A. and Muratov, V. and Griffith, J.E. and Prybyla, J.A. and Goyal, S. and White, C.D. and Lin, M.T. and Ruel, R. and Nijander, C. and Amey, S. and Neilson, D.T. and Bishop, D.J. and Pau, S. and Nuzman, C. and Weis, A. and Kumar, B. and Lieuwen, D. and Aksyuk, V. and Greywall, D.S. and Lee, T.C. and Soh, H.T. and Mansfield, W.M. and Jin, S. and Lai, W.Y. and Huggins, H.A. and Barr, D.L. and Cirelli, R.A. and Bogart, G.R. and Teffeau, K. and Vella, R. and Mavoori, H. and Ramirez, A. and Ciampa, N.A. and Klemens, F.P. and Morris, M.D. and Boone, T. and Liu, J.Q. and Rosamilia, J.M. and Giies, C.R., Scalable wavelength-selective crossconnect switch based on MEMS and planar waveguides, Proceedings - Post-Deadline Papers. 27th European Conference on Optical Communication (Cat. No.01TH8551), vol. vol.6 (2001), pp. 76 - 7 [ECOC.2001.989057] .

    A 72×72 wavelength-selective crossconnect switch, that is scalable to 1296×1296 with current technology, is presented. Silica-on-silicon wavelength multiplexers with integrated monitoring taps and a MEMS micromirror array were assembled in a hybrid 3D beam steering crossconnect having 20 dB insertion loss, 100 GHz channel spacing and 30 GHz passbands