Publications [#71394] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Accepted
  1. Aksyuk, V.A. and Arney, S. and Basavanhally, N.R. and Bishop, D.J. and Bolle, C.A. and Chang, C.C. and Frahm, R. and Gasparyan, A. and Gates, J.V. and George, R. and Giles, C.R. and Kim, J. and Kolodner, P.R. and Lee, T.M. and Neilson, D.T. and Nijander, C. and Nuzman, C.J. and Paczkowski, M. and Papazian, A.R. and Ryf, R. and Shea, H. and Simon, M.E., 238×238 surface micromachined optical crossconnect with 2dB maximum loss, Optical Fiber Communications Conference. (OFC). Postconference Technical Digest. Postdeadline Papers (IEEE Cat. No.02CH37339), vol. vol.2 (2002), pp. 9 - 1 [OFC.2002.1036769] .

    A fully provisioned 238×238 beam-steering optical crossconnect constructed using surface micromachined mirrors is described. The mean fiber-to-fiber insertion loss of the fabric is 1.33dB and the maximum insertion loss is 2dB