Publications [#140618] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. Ashutosh V. Kotwal with A. Abulencia et al. [CDF Collaboration], Precision measurement of the top-quark mass from dilepton events at CDF II, Physical Review D (Rapid Communication), vol. 75 no. 031105 (February, 2007) [e031105] .

    We report a measurement of the top-quark mass, Mt, in the dilepton decay channel of t tbar-->b l nu + b l nu using an integrated luminosity of 1.0/fb of p-pbar collisions collected with the CDF II detector. We apply a method that convolutes a leading-order matrix element with detector resolution functions to form event-by-event likelihoods; we have enhanced the leading-order description to describe the effects of initial-state radiation. The joint likelihood is the product of the likelihoods from 78 candidate events in this sample, which yields a measurement of Mt = 164.5 +- 3.9(stat.) +- 3.9(syst.) GeV/c^2, the most precise measurement of Mt in the dilepton channel.