Publications [#308163] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. al, AVKWVMAE, Combination of CDF and D0 Results on W Boson Mass and Width, Physical Review D, vol. 70 no. 092008 (Fall, 2004), pp. 17 [doi] .

    The results based on 1992-95 data (Run 1) from the CDF and D0 experiments on the measurements of the W boson mass and width are presented, along with the combined results. We report a Tevatron collider average M W = 80.456 ± 0.059 GeV. We also report the Tevatron collider average of the directly measured W boson width T W = 2.115 ± 0.105 GeV. We describe a new joint analysis of the direct W mass and width measurements. Assuming the validity of the standard model, we combine the directly measured W boson width with the width extracted from the ratio of W and Z boson leptonic partial cross sections. This combined result for the Tevatron is T W = 2.135 ± 0.050 GeV. Finally, we use the measurements of the direct total W width and the leptonic branching ratio to extract the leptonic partial width Γ(W → eν) = 224 ± 13 MeV.