Publications [#308173] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. Abazov, VM; Abbott, B; Abdesselam, A; Abolins, M; Abramov, V; Acharya, BS; Adams, DL; Adams, M; Ahmed, SN; Alexeev, GD; Alton, A; Alves, GA; Amos, N; Anderson, EW; Arnoud, Y; Avila, C; Baarmand, MM; Babintsev, VV; Babukhadia, L; Bacon, TC; Baden, A; Baldin, B; Balm, PW; Banerjee, S; Barberis, E; Baringer, P; Barreto, J; Bartlett, JF; Bassler, U; Bauer, D; Bean, A; Beaudette, F; Begel, M; Belyaev, A; Beri, SB; Bernardi, G; Bertram, I; Besson, A; Beuselinck, R; Bezzubov, VA; Bhat, PC et al., Search for Leptoquark Pairs Decaying into in Collisions at, Physical Review Letters, vol. 88 no. 19 (April, 2002), pp. 1918011-1918017 [doi] .

    The results of a search for leptoquark (LQ) pairs in (85.2 ±3.7) pb-1of pp̄ collider data collected by the DO experiments were presented. Scalar leptoquarks for the masses less than 98 GeV/c2, vector leptoquarks for masses less than 200 GeV/c2and coupling which produced the minimum cross-section were excluded. Results showed absence of an evidence for leptoquark production and a limit was set on νν + jets as a function of the mass of leptoquark.