Publications [#308185] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. Abazov, VM; Abbott, B; Abdesselam, A; Abolins, M; Abramov, V; Acharya, BS; Adams, DL; Adams, M; Ahmed, SN; Alexeev, GD; Alves, GA; Amos, N; Anderson, EW; Arnoud, Y; Baarmand, MM; Babintsev, VV; Babukhadia, L; Bacon, TC; Baden, A; Baldin, B; Balm, PW; Banerjee, S; Barberis, E; Baringer, P; Barreto, J; Bartlett, JF; Bassler, U; Bauer, D; Bean, A; Begel, M; Belyaev, A; Beri, SB; Bernardi, G; Bertram, I; Besson, A; Beuselinck, R; Bezzubov, VA; Bhat, PC; Bhatnagar, V; Bhattacharjee, M; Blazey, G et al., Search for single top quark production at DØ using neural networks, Physics Letters B, vol. 517 no. 3-4 (2001), pp. 282-294 [doi] .

    We present a search for electroweak production of single top quarks in ≈90 pb-1 of data collected with the DØ detector at the Fermilab Tevatron collider. Using arrays of neural networks to separate signals from backgrounds, we set upper limits on the cross sections of 17 pb for the s-channel process pp̄ → tb + X, and 22 pb for the t-channel process pp̄ → tqb + X, both at the 95% confidence level. © 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.