Publications [#308195] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. Abbott, B; Abolins, M; Abramov, V; Acharya, BS; Adam, I; Adams, DL; Adams, M; Ahn, S; Akimov, V; Alves, GA; Amos, N; Anderson, EW; Baarmand, MM; Babintsev, VV; Babukhadia, L; Baden, A; Baldin, B; Banerjee, S; Bantly, J; Barberis, E; Baringer, P; Bartlett, JF; Belyaev, A; Beri, SB; Bertram, I; Bezzubov, VA; Bhat, PC; Bhatnagar, V; Bhattacharjee, M; Blazey, G; Blessing, S; Boehnlein, A; Bojko, NI; Borcherding, F; Brandt, A; Breedon, R; Briskin, G; Brock, R; Bross, A; Buchholz, D; Burtovoi, VS et al., Measurement of the W boson mass using electrons at large rapidities, Physical Review Letters, vol. 84 no. 2 (January, 2000), pp. 222-227 [doi] .

    We report a measurement of the W boson mass based on an integrated luminosity of 82 pb-1 from p-pbar collisions at sqrt(s)= 1.8 TeV recorded in 1994-1995 by the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. We identify W bosons by their decays to e-nu, where the electron is detected in the forward calorimeters. We extract the mass by fitting the transverse mass and the electron and neutrino transverse momentum spectra of 11089 W boson candidates. We measure MW = 80.691±0.227 GeV. By combining this measurement with our previously published central calorimeter results from data taken in 1992-1993 and 1994-1995, we obtain MW = 80.482±0.091 GeV.