Publications [#308246] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. Abachi, S; Abbott, B; Abolins, M; Acharya, BS; Adam, I; Adams, DL; Adams, M; Ahn, S; Aihara, H; Alves, GA; Amidi, E; Amos, N; Anderson, EW; Astur, R; Baarmand, MM; Baden, A; Balamurali, V; Balderston, J; Baldin, B; Banerjee, S; Bantly, J; Bartlett, JF; Bazizi, K; Belyaev, A; Beri, SB; Bertram, I; Bezzubov, VA; Bhat, PC; Bhatnagar, V; Bhattacharjee, M; Biswas, N; Blazey, G; Blessing, S; Bloom, P; Boehnlein, A; Bojko, NI; Borcherding, F; Borders, J; Boswell, C; Brandt, A; Brock, R; Bross, A et al., Study of the ZZγ and Zγγ couplings in Z(νγ)γ production, Physical Review Letters, vol. 78 no. 19 (1997), pp. 3640-3645 .

    We have measured the ZZγ and Zγγ couplings by studying 13.1 pb-1 of pp̄ → γ + X data at √s = 1.8 TeV with the DØ detector at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider. This is the first study of hadronic Zγ production in the neutrino decay channel. Combining this measurement with our previous results using Z → ee and μμ yields the most strineent 95% C.L. limits to date on anomalous couplings: |h30Z| < 0.4, |h40Z| < 0.06 (Λ = 750 GeV).