Publications [#308252] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. Adams, MR; Aderholz, M; Aïd, S; Anthony, PL; Averill, DA; Baker, MD; Baller, BR; Banerjee, A; Bhatti, AA; Bratzler, U; Braun, HM; Carroll, TJ; Clark, HL; Conrad, JM; Davisson, R; Derado, I; Dietrich, FS; Dougherty, W; Dreyer, T; Eckardt, V; Ecker, U; Erdmann, M; Fang, GY; Figiel, J; Finlay, RW; Gebauer, HJ; Geesaman, DF; Griffioen, KA; Guo, RS; Haas, J; Halliwell, C; Hantke, D; Hicks, KH; Jackson, HE; Jaffe, DE; Jancso, G; Jansen, DM; Jin, Z; Kaufmann, S; Kennedy, RD; Kinney, ER; Kobrak, HGE et al., Inclusive single-particle distributions and transverse momenta of forward produced charged hadrons in μp scattering at 470 GeV, Zeitschrift Für Physik C Particles and Fields, vol. 76 no. 3 (1997), pp. 441-463 .

    Using data from the Fermilab fixed target experiment E665, general properties of forward produced charged hadrons in μp interactions at a primary muon energy of 470 GeV are investigated. The normalized inclusive single-particle distributions for Feynman-x D(xF) and for the transverse momentum D(pt2, xF) are measured as a function of W and Q2. The dependence of the average transverse momentum squared 〈pt2〉 on xF, W and Q2 is studied. The increasing contribution from diffractive production as Q2 decreases leads to a reduction of the average charged hadron multiplicities at low (positive) xF and an enhancement at large xF, for Q2 ≲ 10 GeV2. It also reduces 〈pt2〉 for Q2 ≲ 5 GeV2 and 0.4 ≲ xF < 1.0. © Springer-Verlag 1997.