Publications [#308264] of Ashutosh V. Kotwal

Papers Published
  1. Odonnell, JM; Kotwal, A; Fortune, HT, Three-state mixing among 0+ states in even Cd isotopes, Physical Review C, vol. 38 no. 5 (1988), pp. 2047-2051 [doi] .

    Ratios of (t,p) transfer intensities to 0+ states in the cadmium isotopes have been analyzed using a three-state mixing model. The data allows determination of the degree of mixing of the rotational (intruder) state into the zero-phonon and two-phonon 0+ states. The three lowest 0+ states are found to be relatively pure and the intruder state lies above the two-phonon state in the heavier isotopes. © 1988 The American Physical Society.