Publications [#341228] of Lawrence E. Evans

Papers Published
  1. Goshaw, AT; Evans, LE; Fortney, LR; Loos, JS; Robertson, WJ; Walker, WD; Field, RC; Chaloupka, V; Dornan, PJ; Hall, G; White, AP, Measurement of direct electron-positron pair production from hadronic bremsstrahlung, Physical Review D, vol. 24 no. 11 (January, 1981), pp. 2829-2836 [doi] .

    We have made a measurement of very-low-energy e+e- pair production from p collisions at 18 GeV/c. Using the SLAC 1-m bubble chamber to study a sample of 178×103 interactions, we find a signal of centrally produced direct e+e- pairs which accounts for (4813)% of all e+e- pairs detected with |x|<0.02 and PT<10 MeV/c. This measurement agrees with a calculation of e+e- pair production from the internal conversion of hadronic bremsstrahlung. © 1981 The American Physical Society.