Publications [#341229] of Lawrence E. Evans

Papers Published
  1. Goshaw, AT; Lucas, PW; Walker, WD; Elliott, JR; Evans, LE; Fortney, LR; Robertson, WJ; Kim, IJ; Sun, CR, Direct photon production from +p interactions at 10.5 GeV/c, Physical Review Letters, vol. 43 no. 15 (January, 1979), pp. 1065-1068 [doi] .

    We have studied inclusive photon production from +p interactions at 10.5 GeV/c and found a source of centrally produced direct photons which accounts for (469)% of all photons detected with PL* and PT between 0 and 20 MeV/c. The experimental data are found to be in good agreement with a calculation of hadronic inner bremsstrahlung. © 1979 The American Physical Society.