Publications [#269150] of Maiken Mikkelsen

Papers Published
  1. Berezovsky*, J; Mikkelsen*, MH; Stoltz, NG; Coldren, LA; Awschalom, DD, Picosecond coherent optical manipulation of a single electron spin in a quantum dot, Science, vol. 320 no. 349 (2008), pp. 349-352 [doi] .

    Most schemes for quantum information processing require fast single-qubit operations. For spin-based qubits, this involves performing arbitrary coherent rotations of the spin state on time scales much faster than the spin coherence time. By applying off-resonant, picosecond-scale optical pulses, we demonstrated the coherent rotation of a single electron spin through arbitrary angles up to π radians. We directly observed this spin manipulation using time-resolved Kerr rotation spectroscopy and found that the results are well described by a model that includes the electron-nuclear spin interaction. Measurements of the spin rotation as a function of laser detuning and intensity confirmed that the optical Stark effect is the operative mechanism.