Publications [#269152] of Maiken Mikkelsen

Papers Published
  1. Berezovsky, J; Mikkelsen, MH; Gywat, O; Stoltz, NG; Coldren, LA; Awschalom, DD, Nondestructive optical measurements of a single electron spin in a quantum dot, Science, vol. 314 no. 1916 (2006), pp. 1916-1920 [doi] .

    Kerr rotation measurements on a single electron spin confined in a charge-tunable semiconductor quantum dot demonstrate a means to directly probe the spin off-resonance, thus minimally disturbing the system. Energy-resolved magneto-optical spectra reveal information about the optically oriented spin polarization and the transverse spin lifetime of the electron as a function of the charging of the dot. These results represent progress toward the manipulation and coupling of single spins and photons for quantum information processing.