Publications [#322103] of Maiken Mikkelsen

Papers Published
  1. Stewart, JW; Akselrod, GM; Smith, DR; Mikkelsen, MH, Toward Multispectral Imaging with Colloidal Metasurface Pixels., Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), vol. 29 no. 6 (February, 2017) [doi] .

    Multispectral colloidal metasurfaces are fabricated that exhibit greater than 85% absorption and ≈100 nm linewidths by patterning film-coupled nanocubes in pixels using a fusion of bottom-up and top-down fabrication techniques over wafer-scale areas. With this technique, the authors realize a multispectral pixel array consisting of six resonances between 580 and 1125 nm and reconstruct an RGB image with 9261 color combinations.