Publications [#330036] of Maiken Mikkelsen

Papers Published
  1. Hoang, TB; Akselrod, GM; Yang, A; Odom, TW; Mikkelsen, MH, Millimeter-Scale Spatial Coherence from a Plasmon Laser., Nano Letters, vol. 17 no. 11 (November, 2017), pp. 6690-6695 [doi] .

    Coherent light sources have been demonstrated based on a wide range of nanostructures, however, little effort has been devoted to probing their underlying coherence properties. Here, we report long-range spatial coherence of lattice plasmon lasers constructed from a periodic array of gold nanoparticles and a liquid gain medium at room temperature. By combining spatial and temporal interferometry, we demonstrate millimeter-scale (∼1 mm) spatial coherence and picosecond (∼2 ps) temporal coherence. The long-range spatial coherence occurs even without the presence of strong coupling with the lattice plasmon mode extending over macroscopic distances in the lasing regime. This plasmonic lasing system thus provides a platform for understanding the emergence of long-range coherence from collections of nanoscale resonators and points toward novel types of distributed lasing sources.