Publications [#331437] of Maiken Mikkelsen

Papers Published
  1. Sykes, ME; Stewart, JW; Akselrod, GM; Kong, X-T; Wang, Z; Gosztola, DJ; Martinson, ABF; Rosenmann, D; Mikkelsen, MH; Govorov, AO; Wiederrecht, GP, Publisher Correction: Enhanced generation and anisotropic Coulomb scattering of hot electrons in an ultra-broadband plasmonic nanopatch metasurface., Nature Communications, vol. 8 no. 1 (December, 2017), pp. 2135 [doi] .

    The originally published version of this Article contained an error in Equation 1. The two ℏ terms were missing from this equation. This has now been corrected in the PDF and HTML versions of the Article.