Publications [#232547] of Martin Fischer

Journal Articles
  1. Madison, KW; Fischer, MC; Diener, RB; Niu, Q; Raizen, MG, Dynamical bloch band suppression in an optical lattice, Physical Review Letters, vol. 81 no. 23 (1998), pp. 5093-5096 .

    Dynamical Bloch hand suppression is observed for the first time, using cold sodium atoms in a far detuned standing wave of light. This system has well-defined Bloch hands as its energy spectrum, which are modified dynamically by imposing a strong phase modulation of the standing wave. The atoms are prepared in the lowest band, and the spectrum is mapped out by introducing a weak spectroscopic probe that drives transitions between the modified bands. Dynamical suppression of the bands is observed at a critical value of the modulation strength, and is well supported by a full quantum mechanical analysis that goes beyond the single-band and light-binding approximations.