Publications [#232549] of Martin Fischer

Journal Articles
  1. Shin, DS; Wang, J; Bosch, F; Kiely, PA; Chand, N; Fischer, M; Kojima, K; Kasper, BL; Peral, EM; Ransijn, H, 10 gbit/s transmission over 50 km nonzero dispersion-shifted fibre using 1.3 μm directly modulated uncooled transmitters, Electronics Letters, vol. 38 no. 16 (2002), pp. 864-865 [doi] .

    A 1.3 μm uncooled transmitter with wide-open eye diagrams at laser temperatures of 20, 50, and 85°C is presented. Using this transmitter, it is demonstrated that 10 Gbit/s transmission is possible over a 50 km nonzero dispersion-shifted Lucent TrueWave-RS fibre. This result is compared with transmission over a 55 km standard singlemode fibre.