Publications [#328433] of Martin Fischer

Journal Articles
  1. Wilson, JW; Robles, FE; Deb, S; Warren, WS; Fischer, MC, Comparison of pump-probe and hyperspectral imaging in unstained histology sections of pigmented lesions., Biomedical Optics Express, vol. 8 no. 8 (August, 2017), pp. 3882-3890 [doi] .

    Microscopic variations in melanin composition can be mapped through linear and nonlinear optical responses. Though instrumentation to measure linear attenuation is simple and inexpensive, the nonlinear response provides more degrees of freedom with which to spectroscopically resolve pigments. The objective of this study is to assess differences in imaging melanin contrast by comparing hyperspectral (linear) versus pump-probe (nonlinear) microscopy of unstained histology sections of pigmented lesions. The images and analysis we have presented here show that pump-probe uncovers a greater variation in pigment composition, compared with hyperspectral microscopy, and that the two methods yield complimentary biochemical information.