Publications [#287640] of Thomas C. Mehen

  1. Fleming, S; Mehen, T, X(3872) in effective field theory, Aip Conference Proceedings, vol. 1182 (2009), pp. 491-494(Proceedings of CIPANP 2009: 10th Conference on the Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics, San Diego, California, 26-31 May 2009.) [4142], [doi] .

    If the X(3872) resonance is a shallow boundstate of a the charm mesons D0D̄*0 and D*0D̄0 it can be described by an effective theory of nonrelativistic D mesons coupled to nonrelativistic pions (X-EFT). In this talk, I give a brief overview of the X(3872), followed by a short review of X-EFT. I end my talk with results from calculations of the the next-to-leading-order correction to the partial decay width Γ[X→ D0D̄0π0], and the decay of X(3872) to P-wave quarkonia. © 2009 American Institute of Physics.