Publications [#287655] of Thomas C. Mehen

Papers Published
  1. Kim, C; Leibovich, AK; Mehen, T, Nonperturbative charming penguin contributions to isospin asymmetries in radiative B decays, Physical Review D, vol. 78 no. 5 (2008) [1735], [doi] .

    Recent experimental data on the radiative decays B→Vγ, where V is a light vector meson, find small isospin violation in B→K*γ while isospin asymmetries in B→ργ are of order 20%, with large uncertainties. Using soft-collinear effective theory, we calculate isospin asymmetries in these radiative B decays up to O(1/mb), also including O(vαs) contributions from nonperturbative charming penguins (NPCP). In the absence of NPCP contributions, the theoretical predictions for the asymmetries are a few percent or less. Including the NPCP can significantly increase the isospin asymmetries for both B→Vγ modes. We also consider the effect of the NPCP on the branching ratio and CP asymmetries in B±→ V±γ. © 2008 The American Physical Society.