Publications [#287664] of Thomas C. Mehen

Papers Published
  1. Mehen, T, Recent developments in heavy quark and quarkonium production, Acta Physica Polonica B, vol. 35 no. 1 (2004), pp. 121-129(Proceedings of the XXXIII International Conference on Multiparticle Dyanmics, Sept 5-11, 2003, Krakow, Poland.) [0312239] .

    Recent measurements of J/ψ production in e+e- colliders pose a challenge to the NRQCD factorization theorem for quarkonium production. Discrepancies between leading order calculations of color-octet contributions and the momentum distribution of J/ψ observed by Belle and BaBar are resolved by resumming large perturbative and nonperturbative corrections that are enhanced near the kinematic endpoint. The large cross sections for J/ψcc̄ and double quarkonium production remain poorly understood. Nonperturbative effects in fixed-target hadroproduction of open charm are also discussed. Large asymmetries in the production of charm mesons and baryons probe nonperturbative corrections to the QCD factorization theorem. A power correction called heavy-quark recombination can economically explain these asymmetries with a few universal parameters.