Publications [#287688] of Thomas C. Mehen

Papers Published
  1. Gomis, J; Mehen, T, Space-time noncommutative field theories and unitarity, Nuclear Physics B, vol. 591 no. 1-2 (2000), pp. 265-276 .

    We study the perturbative unitarity of noncommutative scalar field theories. Field theories with space-time noncommutativity do not have a unitary S-matrix. Field theories with only space noncommutativity are perturbatively unitary. This can be understood from string theory, since space noncommutative field theories describe a low energy limit of string theory in a background magnetic field. On the other hand, there is no regime in which space-time noncommutative field theory is an appropriate description of string theory. Whenever space-time noncommutative field theory becomes relevant massive open string states cannot be neglected. © 2000 Elsevier Science B.V.