Publications [#308394] of Mark C. Kruse

Papers Published
  1. Aaltonen, T; Albrow, MG; Alvarez González, B; Amerio, S; Amidei, D; Anastassov, A; Annovi, A; Antos, J; Apollinari, G; Appel, JA; Arisawa, T; Artikov, A; Asaadi, J; Ashmanskas, W; Auerbach, B; Aurisano, A; Azfar, F; Badgett, W; Bae, T; Barbaro-Galtieri, A; Barnes, VE; Barnett, BA; Barria, P; Bartos, P; Bauce, M; Bedeschi, F; Behari, S; Bellettini, G; Bellinger, J; Benjamin, D; Beretvas, A; Bhatti, A; Bisello, D; Bizjak, I; Bland, KR; Blumenfeld, B; Bocci, A; Bodek, A; Bortoletto, D; Boudreau, J et al., Observation of exclusive γγ production in pp¯ collisions at √s=1.96 TeV., Physical Review Letters, vol. 108 no. 8 (February, 2012), pp. 081801 [doi] .

    We have observed exclusive γγ production in proton-antiproton collisions at √s=1.96 TeV, using data from 1.11±0.07 fb(-1) integrated luminosity taken by the Run II Collider Detector at Fermilab. We selected events with two electromagnetic showers, each with transverse energy E(T)>2.5 GeV and pseudorapidity |η|<1.0, with no other particles detected in -7.4<η<+7.4. The two showers have similar E(T) and azimuthal angle separation Δφ~π; 34 events have two charged particle tracks, consistent with the QED process pp¯→p+e(+)e(-)+p¯ by two-photon exchange, while 43 events have no charged tracks. The number of these events that are exclusive π(0)π(0) is consistent with zero and is <15 at 95% C.L. The cross section for pp¯→p+γγ+p¯ with |η(γ)|<1.0 and E(T)(γ)>2.5 GeV is 2.48(-0.35)(+0.40)(stat)(-0.51)(+0.40)(syst) pb.