Publications [#308821] of Mark C. Kruse

Papers Published
  1. Azzi-Bacchetta, P; Bacchetta, N; Basti, A; Bedeschi, F; Bisello, D; Blusk, S; Chertok, M; Chiarelli, G; Demina, R; Donati, S; Field, R; Galtieri, L; Goldstein, J; Grim, G; Guerzoni, M; Haber, C; Hara, K; Hartmann, F; Heiss, A; Hill, C; Hrycyk, M; Incandela, J; Kato, Y; Kim, BJ; Knoblauch, D; Kruse, M; Lei, CM; Leone, S; Martignon, G; Mcyntire, P; Miyazaky, Y; Moggi, A; Muller, T; Munar-Ara, A; Okusawa, T; Palmonari, F; Pellett, D; Piacentino, G; Raffaelli, F; Saltzberg, D; Sanders, E et al., The CDF Intermediate Silicon Layers detector, Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, vol. 78 no. 1-3 (1999), pp. 307-310 .

    The Intermediate Silicon Layers (ISL) detector is presently being built as part of CDF upgrades. The ISL is a large radius (28 cm) silicon tracker with a total active area of about 3.5 m2. The challenge is to build a device which provides precise 3D points introducing a minimal amount of material for the supporting structure. The design and the status of the project are described.