Publications [#308916] of Mark C. Kruse

Papers Published
  1. Abe, F; Albrow, MG; Amidei, D; Antos, J; Anway-Wiese, C; Apollinari, G; Areti, H; Atac, M; Auchincloss, P; Azfar, F; al, E, Precision measurement of the prompt photon cross section in pp̄ collisions at s=1.8 TeV, Physical Review Letters, vol. 73 no. 20 (1994), pp. 2662-2666 [doi] .

    A prompt photon cross section measurement from the Collider Detector at Fermilab experiment is presented. Detector and trigger upgrades, as well as 6 times the integrated luminosity compared with our previous publication, have contributed to a much more precise measurement and extended PT range. As before, QCD calculations agree qualitatively with the measured cross section, but the data has a steeper slope than the calculations. © 1994 The American Physical Society.