Publications [#308920] of Mark C. Kruse

Papers Published
  1. Baxter, AM; Byrne, AP; Dracoulis, GD; Bark, RA; Riess, F; Stuchbery, AE; Kruse, MC; Poletti, AR, Spectroscopy of high-spin states of 206Po, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 515 no. 3 (1990), pp. 493-524 [doi] .

    The yrast and near-yrast energy levels of 206Po have been investigated to over 9 MeV excitation and up to spins of 24. The measurements consisted of γγ-coincidence data, internal-conversion-electron spectra, time spectra of γ-rays relative to a pulsed beam, excitation functions and γ-ray angular distributions. Two new isomers, with lifetimes in the 1 ns range, were found. The observed level structure is compared with the predictions of empirical shell-model calculations in which 206Po is regarded as a 208Pb core with two valence protons and four valence neutron holes. The agreement is generally satisfactory for the observed odd-parity levels and for even parity levels with J > 12; those with J = 6-12 are better accounted for by weak coupling of two valence protons to a 204Pb core in its 0+1 and 4+1 states. © 1990.