Publications [#314167] of Mark C. Kruse

Papers Published
  1. Aguilar-Benitez, M; Allison, WWM; Baland, JF; Bartl, W; Begalli, VM; Belliere, P; Bizzarri, R; Borreani, G; Briand, H; Brun, R; Bugg, WM; Canale, V; Caso, C; Castelli, E; Checchia, P; Chliapnikov, PV; Colino, N; Colwill, S; Contri, R; Crennell, D; Angelis, AD; Billy, LD; Defoix, C; Capua, ED; Marco, RD; Dolbeau, J; Dumarchez, J; Falciano, S; Fernandez, C; Fisher, CM; Fisyak, YV; Fontanelli, F; Fry, JR; Ganguli, S; Gasparini, U; Gentile, S; Goshaw, AT; Grard, F; Gurtu, A; Handler, T; Hamatsu, R et al., Measurement of D-meson branching ratios, Physics Letters B, vol. 168 no. 1-2 (1986), pp. 170-180 [doi] .

    Charm data from 360 GeV/c π- p interactions are used to give results on D-meson branching ratios. The analysis is based on 114 charm events containing 183 observed charm particle decays. We present topological branching ratios and decay multiplicities, as well as the following inclusive branching ratios of D-mesons: B(D± → K∓ + anything) = 0.16-0.07 +0.08, if B(D0 → K ± + anything) = 0.44-0.10+0.11, ifB(D± → e± + 2,4 (rmcharged hadrons) = 0.07-0.05++0.08, B(D0 → e ± + anything) = 0.17-0.06+0.08. © 1986.