Publications [#247266] of Berndt Mueller

Papers Published
  1. Greiner, C; Rischke, D; Rufa, M; Müller, B; Stöcker, H; Maruhn, J; Greiner, W; Koch, P; G-Reinhard, P, Strangeness and heavy ion reactions, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 479 no. C (1988), pp. 295-309 [doi] .

    We investigate possible consequences of strangeness formation in heavy ion reactions at different excitation energies. First of all we study ground state properties of multi-Λ hypernuclei. They seem to have strongly enhanced interaction radii and could be observed and produced in secondary non charge changing reactions of high energy heavy ions. At higher energies we present nonequilibrium calculations for hadronisation and evolution of strange particles and discuss their usefulness for quark matter diagnostics. Furthermore, we discuss the possibility of multistrange quark droplet formation during the phase transition from quark to hadron matter. © 1988.