Publications [#247424] of Berndt Mueller

Papers Published
  1. Kirsch, J; Betz, W; Reinhardt, J; Soff, G; Müller, B; Greiner, W, K-X-ray spectrum of the Pb + Pb quasimolecules, Physics Letters B, vol. 72 no. 3 (1978), pp. 298-302 [doi] .

    We present ab initio calculations of the quasimolecular K-X-ray spectrum from the Pb + Pb system, where both the Kd-hole amplitude and the radiation amplitude is calculated in first order perturbation theory. A comparison with the background radiation like NNB, SEB and γ-decay of excited nuclei shows that the molecular X-rays should be measurable up to X-ray energies corresponding to the characteristic K-line of the united superheavy atom. © 1978.