Publications [#319469] of Olivier Delaire

Papers Published
  1. Christianson, AD; Lumsden, MD; Delaire, O; Stone, MB; Abernathy, DL; McGuire, MA; Sefat, AS; Jin, R; Sales, BC; Mandrus, D; Mun, ED; Canfield, PC; Lin, JY; Lucas, M; Kresch, M; Keith, JB; Fultz, B; Goremychkin, EA; McQueeney, RJ, Phonon density of states of LaFeAsO(1-x)Fx., Physical Review Letters, vol. 101 no. 15 (October, 2008), pp. 157004 [doi] .

    We have studied the phonon density of states (PDOS) in LaFeAsO(1-x)Fx with inelastic neutron scattering methods. The PDOS of the parent compound (x=0) is very similar to the PDOS of samples optimally doped with fluorine to achieve the maximum Tc (x approximately 0.1). Good agreement is found between the experimental PDOS and first-principles calculations with the exception of a small difference in Fe mode frequencies. The PDOS reported here is not consistent with conventional electron-phonon mediated superconductivity.