Curriculum Vitae

Patrick Charbonneau

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Contact information

Box 90347, Durham, NC 27708-0347 (919) 613-6261


BSMcGill University, Montreal2013
Ph.D. Harvard University2006
B.S.McGill University (Canada)2001

Areas of Research

Soft condensed matter simulation and theory

Selected Recent Invited Talks

  • ESPCI, PCT-Gulliver Seminar, Paris, France, December, 2013
  • Leiden Lorenz Institute Seminar, Leiden, Netherlands, December, 2013
  • Roskilde University Glass and Time Seminar, Roskilde, Denmark, November, 2013
  • Stanford Physical Chemistry Seminar, Stanford, CA, November, 2013
  • U Penn Chemistry Seminar, Philadelphia, PA, November, 2013
  • Brandeis Physics Colloquium, Waltham, MA, October, 2013
  • Bucknell Physics Seminar, Lewisburg, PA, October, 2013
  • Caltech Chemical Physics Seminar, Pasadena, CA, October, 2013
  • Oak Ridge National Lab Computational Science Seminar, Oak Ridge, TN, October, 2013
  • Penn State Physical Chemistry Seminar, State College, PA, October, 2013
  • UC Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Seminar, Berkeley, CA, October, 2013
  • UC Boulder Chemical Physics/Physical Chemistry Seminar, Boulder, CO, October, 2013
  • NYU Soft Condensed Matter Seminar, New York, NY, September, 2013
  • UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar, Los Angeles, CA, September, 2013
  • UCSB Physical/Theoretical Chemistry Seminar, Santa Barbara, CA, September, 2013
  • UW-Madison, Chemistry Seminar, Madison, WI, September, 2013
  • 7th international Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems, Barcelona, Spain, July, 2013
  • Daan Frenkel 65 Conference, Coventry, UK, July, 2013
  • MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization Seminar, Goettingen, Germany, July, 2013
  • TU Berlin, IGRTG 1524 Colloquium, Berlin, Germany, July, 2013
  • CECAM: The Role of Interfaces in Crystallization, Lausanne, Switzerland, May, 2013
  • Northwestern University Chemistry Department Seminar, Evanston, IL, May, 2013
  • UIUC, Chemistry Department Seminar, Champaign, IL, May, 2013
  • University of Chicago James Franck Institute Seminar, Chicago, IL, May, 2013
  • University of Maryland Informal Statistical Physics Seminar, College Park, MD, April, 2013
  • APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March, 2013
  • Washington University Physics Seminar, St. Louis, MO, October, 2011
  • CBB Annual Retreat, Wrightsville, NC, September, 2011
  • Sphere packing and amorphous materials workshop, Trieste, Italy, July, 2011
  • DLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space Seminar, Koeln, Germany, June, 2011
  • École Normale Supérieure Paris Physics Seminar, Paris, France, June, 2011
  • Paris VI LPTMC Seminar, Paris, France, June, 2011
  • 4th International Soft Matter Workshop, Cornwall, UK, May, 2011
  • Université du Luxembourg Physics Seminar, Luxembourg, May, 2011
  • International Workshop on Dynamics in Viscous Liquids, Rome, Italy, March, 2011
  • Department of Chemistry, Kansas University, December 2009
  • Department of Chemistry, McGill University, November 2009
  • Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, September 2009
  • Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, February 2009
  • Department of Physics, North Carolina State University, March 2009
  • Institut de Physique Theorique, CEA, January 2009
  • How can hard (hyper)spheres form glasses?, Surrey University, UK, January 13, 2009
  • Dynamical Heterogeneity in a Glass-Forming Ideal Gas, Unifying Concepts in Glass Physics IV, Kyoto, Japan, November 28, 2008

Research Interests

Professor Charbonneau is interested in the in- and out-of-equilibrium dynamical properties of self-assembly. Important phenomena, such as colloidal microphase formation, protein aggregation, as well as glass and gel formation, are examined using simulation and theory approaches.

Publications (listed separately)

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