Publications [#226361] of Patrick Charbonneau

Papers Accepted
  1. Patrick Charbonneau, Eric I. Corwin, Giorgio Parisi, and Francesco Zamponi, Jamming Criticality Revealed by Removing “Bucklers”, Physical Review Letters (2015) [1411.3975v1] .

    Recent theoretical advances offer an exact, first-principle theory of jamming criticality in infinite dimension as well as universal scaling relations between critical exponents in all dimensions. For jammed packings of frictionless spheres, these advances predict that power-law exponents characterize the critical distribution of (i) small inter-particle gaps and (ii) weak contact forces, both of which are crucial for mechanical stability. The scaling of the inter-particle gaps is known to be constant in all spatial dimensions d – including the physically relevant d = 2 and 3, but the value of the weak force exponent remains the object of debate and confusion. Here, we resolve this ambiguity by numerical simulations. We construct isostatic jammed packings with extremely high accuracy, and introduce a simple criterion to separate the contribution of particles that give rise to localized excitations (the “bucklers”) from the others. This analysis reveals the remarkable dimensional robustness of mean-field marginality and its associated criticality.