Publications [#232098] of Patrick Charbonneau

Papers Published
  1. Charbonneau, P; Reichman, DR, Systematic characterization of thermodynamic and dynamical phase behavior in systems with short-ranged attraction, Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, vol. 75 no. 1 (2007), pp. 011507 [0604428], [doi] .

    In this paper we demonstrate the feasibility and utility of an augmented version of the Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo method for computing the phase behavior of systems with strong, extremely short-ranged attractions. For generic potential shapes, this approach allows for the investigation of narrower attractive widths than those previously reported. Direct comparison to previous self-consistent Ornstein-Zernike approximation calculations is made. A preliminary investigation of out-of-equilibrium behavior is also performed. Our results suggest that the recent observations of stable cluster phases in systems without long-ranged repulsions are intimately related to gas-crystal and metastable gas-liquid phase separation. © 2007 The American Physical Society.