Publications [#318061] of Patrick Charbonneau

Papers Published
  1. Zhuang, Y; Charbonneau, P, Recent Advances in the Theory and Simulation of Model Colloidal Microphase Formers., Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 120 no. 32 (August, 2016), pp. 7775-7782 [doi] .

    This mini-review synthesizes our understanding of the equilibrium behavior of particle-based models with short-range attractive and long-range repulsive (SALR) interactions. These models, which can form stable periodic microphases, aim to reproduce the essence of colloidal suspensions with competing interparticle interactions. Ordered structures, however, have yet to be obtained in experiments. In order to better understand the hurdles to periodic microphase assembly, marked theoretical and simulation advances have been made over the past few years. Here, we present recent progress in the study of microphases in models with SALR interactions using liquid-state theory and density-functional theory as well as numerical simulations. Combining these various approaches provides a description of periodic microphases, and gives insights into the rich phenomenology of the surrounding disordered regime. Ongoing research directions in the thermodynamics of models with SALR interactions are also presented.