Publications [#243297] of Paul S. Aspinwall

Papers Published
  1. Aspinwall, PS; Karp, RL, Solitons in Seiberg-Witten theory and D-branes in the derived category, Journal of High Energy Physics, vol. 7 no. 4 (2003), pp. 1119-1137 [hep-th/0211121], [0211121v1], [doi] .

    We analyze the "geometric engineering" limit of a type II string on a suitable Calabi-Yau threefold to obtain an N = 2 pure SU(2) gauge theory. The derived category picture together with II-stability of B-branes beautifully reproduces the known spectrum of BPS solitons in this case in a very explicit way. Much of the analysis is particularly easy since it can be reduced to questions about the derived category of ℙ1. © SISSA/ISAS 2003.