Publications [#243314] of Paul S. Aspinwall

Papers Published
  1. Aspinwall, PS; Greene, BR; Morrison, DR, Multiple mirror manifolds and topology change in string theory, Physics Letters B, vol. 303 no. 3-4 (1993), pp. 249-259 [doi] .

    We use mirror symmetry to establish the first concrete arena of spacetime topology change in string theory. In particular, we establish that the quantum theories based on certain nonlinear sigma models with topologically distinct target spaces can be smoothly connected even though classically a physical singularity would be encountered. We accomplish this by rephrasing the description of these nonlinear sigma models in terms of their mirror manifold partners - a description in which the full quantum theory can be described exactly using lowest order geometrical methods. We establish that, for the known class of mirror manifolds, the moduli space of the corresponding conformal field theory requires not just two but numerous topologically distinct Calabi-Yau manifolds for its geometric interpretation. A single family of continously connected conformal theories thereby probes a host of topologically distinct geometrical spaces giving rise to multiple mirror manifolds. © 1993.