Publications [#225696] of Phillip S. Barbeau

Papers Published
  1. Sinclair, D; Rollin, E; Smith, J; Mommers, A; Ackeran, N; Aharmin, B; Auger, M; Barbeau, PS; Benitez-Medina, C; Breidenbach, M; Burenkov, A; Cook, S; Coppens, A; Daniels, T; Devoe, RD; Dobi, A; Dolinski, MJ; Donato, K; Jr, WF; Farine, J; Giroux, G; Gornea, G; Graham, K; Gratta, G; Green, M; Hagemann, C; Hall, C; Hall, K; Hallman, D; Hargrove, C; Herrin, S; Kaufman, LK; Leonard, DS; Leport, F; MacKay, D; MacLennan, R; Mong, B; Díez, M; Müller, R; Neilson, R; Niner, E; Odian, A; O'Sullivan, K et al., Prospects for barium tagging in gaseous xenon, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 309 no. 1 (2011), pp. 012005 [doi] .

    Tagging events with the coincident detection of a barium ion would greatly reduce the background for a neutrino-less double beta decay search in xenon. This paper describes progress towards realizing this goal. It outlines a source that can produce large quantities of Ba++ in gas, shows that this can be extracted to vacuum, and demonstrates a mechanism by which the Ba ++ can be efficiently converted to Ba+ as required for laser identification.