Publications [#245664] of Robert G. Brown

Papers Published
  1. Ciftan, M; Brown, RG; Saibel, E, Stress activated Raman scattering and microcrack detection, International Journal of Engineering Science, vol. 21 no. 11 (1983), pp. 1285-1293 .

    A new technique for the detection of microcrack precursors and for the study of the dynamics of crack propagation is proposed. The technique uses laser Raman scattering off of adsorbed surface species to detect microcrack precursors via variations in the Raman spectrum associated with the stresses localized within such precursors. We give extensive theoretical justification and detail several approaches designed to substantiate the plausability of the technique proposed. This technique can become a valuable tool for the detection of microcrack precursors as well as studies of phenomena including adsorption, catalysis. adhesion, wear and the dynamics of stress-corrosion cracking. © 1983.