Publications [#235819] of Robert Calderbank

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  1. McLaughlin, SW; Calderbank, AR; Laroia, R, Modulation codes for multi-amplitude optical recording channels, National Conference Publication - Institution of Engineers, Australia, vol. 2 no. 94 /9 (1994), pp. 941-945 .

    We consider the problem of coding for a recording channel. Traditional magnetic or optical channels employ saturation recording, where the input to the channel is a two-level waveform. A new optical recording channel has been developed that supports unsaturated, M-ary (M≥3) signal levels. In this paper we introduce the new channel and discuss modulation codes for it. In particular, we consider the analysis and design of new partial response codes for these channels. Comparisons are made with M-ary runlength limited codes. The partial response codes achieve the largest known storage density with coding gains of 3 - 5.5 dB above M-ary runlength limited codes.