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  1. Calderbank, AR; Diggavi, S; Das, S; Al-Dhahir, N, Construction and analysis of a new 4 × 4 orthogonal space-time block code, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings (2004), pp. 310- .

    The construction and the analysis of a nonlinear 4×4 full rate, full-diversity orthogonal space-time block codes was discussed. The main aspect was the design, analysis and low complexity decoding of a full rate full diversity orthogonal STBC for four transmit antennas that was constructed by means of 2×2 arrays over the quaternions. It was observed that the structure of the code was a generalization of the 2×2 Alamouti code and were reduced if the quaternions in the code were replaced by complex numbers. The results show that the PSK signalling code has full diversity while QPSK signalling code had no constellation expansion.