Publications [#235855] of Robert Calderbank

Journal articles or Book chapters PUBLISHED
  1. Howard, S; Calderbank, A; Moran, W, The finite Heisenberg-Weyl groups in radar and communications, Eurasip Journal on Applied Signal Processing, vol. 2006 (2006) [doi] .

    We investigate the theory of the finite Heisenberg-Weylgroup in relation to the development of adaptive radar and to theconstruction of spreading sequences and error-correcting codes incommunications. We contend that this group can form the basis forthe representation of the radar environment in terms of operatorson the space of waveforms. We also demonstrate, following recentdevelopments in the theory of error-correcting codes, that thefinite Heisenberg-Weyl groups provide a unified basis for theconstruction of useful waveforms/sequences for radar,communications, and the theory of error-correcting codes.