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  1. Das, S; Al-Dhahir, N; Calderbank, R; Chui, J, New full-diversity high-rate space-time block codes based on selective power scaling, European Signal Processing Conference (2006) .

    We design a new rate-5/4 full-diversity orthogonal STBC for QPSK and 2 transmit antennas by enlarging the signalling set from the set of quaternions used in the Alamouti [1] code. Selective power scaling of information symbols is used to guarantee full-diversity while maximizing the coding gain and minimizing the transmitted signal peak-to-minimum power ratio. The optimum power scaling factor is derived using two equivalent criteria and shown to outperform schemes based on only constellation rotation while still enjoying a lowcomplexity ML decoding algorithm. Extensions to the case of 4 transmit antennas are reported in [4].