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  1. Pezeshki, A; Calderbank, R; Scharf, LL, Sidelobe suppression in a desired range/Doppler interval, Ieee National Radar Conference Proceedings (2009) [doi] .

    We present simple methods for constructing radar waveforms whose ambiguity functions are free of sidelobes inside a desired range or Doppler interval. We exploit the time-frequency duality between pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) to sequence Golay complementary codes across time or frequency and clear out range/Doppler sidelobes. Proper sequencing of complementary codes in time (PAM design) enables the annihilation of range sidelobes along a desired Doppler interval. The dual design, i.e., OFDM signaling of complementary codes, enables the annihilation of Doppler sidelobes along a desired range interval. The two designs can be used sequentially to bring weak targets out of the sidelobes of nearby strong reflectors inside a range-Doppler interval of interest. ©2009 IEEE.