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  1. Aggarwal, V; Lai, L; Calderbank, AR; Poor, HV, Wiretap channel type II with an active eavesdropper, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings (2009), pp. 1944-1948 [doi] .

    The wiretap channel type II with an active eavesdropper is considered in this paper. Compared with the eavesdropper model considered in much of the literature, the eavesdropper considered here can not only overhear but also modify the signal transmitted over the channel. Two modification modelsare considered. In the first model, the eavesdropper erases the bits it observes. In the second model, the eavesdropper modifies the bits it observes. For this channel with memory (introduced bythe activity of the eavesdropper), one should conduct the worst case scenario analysis. Novel concatenated coding schemes that provide perfect security for the communications are developed for both models to give bounds on the achievable secrecy rate. The technique to modify the inner code to maintain the secrecyproperties of the outer code may be of independent interest. © 2009 IEEE.