Publications [#235951] of Robert Calderbank

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  1. Aggarwal, V; Sankar, L; Calderbank, AR; Poor, HV, Ergodic layered erasure one-sided interference channels, 2009 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, ITW 2009 (2009), pp. 574-578 [doi] .

    The sum capacity of a class of layered erasure onesided interference channels is developed under the assumption of no channel state information at the transmitters. Outer bounds are presented for this model and are shown to be tight for the following sub-classes: i) weak, ii) strong (mix of strong but not very strong (SnVS) and very strong (VS)), iii) ergodic very strong (mix of strong and weak), and (iv) a sub-class of mixed interference (mix of SnVS and weak). Each sub-class is uniquely defined by the fading statistics. © 2009 IEEE.