Publications [#236015] of Robert Calderbank

Journal articles or Book chapters PUBLISHED
  1. Calderbank, AR; Sloane, NJA, NEW TRELLIS CODES BASED ON LATTICES AND COSETS., IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. IT-33 no. 2 (1987), pp. 177-195 .

    A new technique is proposed for constructing trellis codes, which provides an alternative to Ungerboeck's method of set partitioning. The new codes use a signal constellation consisting of points from an n-dimensional lattice LAMBDA , with an equal number of points from each coset of a sublattice LAMBDA '. One part of the input stream drives a generalized convolutional code whose outputs are cosets of LAMBDA ', while the other part selects points from these cosets. Several of the new codes are better than those previously known.