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  1. Chui, J; Calderbank, AR, Multilevel diversity-embedded space-time codes for video broadcasting over WiMAX, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings (2008), pp. 1068-1072 [doi] .

    Advances in wireless technologies, such as WiMAX [1], allow high data rates and high reliability through the use of MIMO-OFDM. However, they are not optimally designed for broadcasting. The nature of the wireless medium may cause an entire frame to be in outage with little chance of recovery. One strategy to overcome this deficit is to employ diversity embedding, which protect different bits with different diversity orders. Such codes exhibit the property that even if the entire frame is in outage, a subset of the frame may still be reliably recovered. In this paper, we present space-time codes designed for MIMO-OFDM systems which achieve diversity embedding. We demonstrate how these codes can increase PSNR for video broadcasting in WiMAX © 2008 IEEE.