Publications [#322365] of Robert Calderbank

Conference articles PUBLISHED
  1. Yuan, X; Huang, J; Calderbank, R, Polynomial-phase signal direction-finding and source-tracking with a single acoustic vector sensor, 2015 Ieee International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (Icassp), vol. 2015-August (January, 2015), pp. 2559-2563 [doi] .

    © 2015 IEEE. This paper introduces a new ESPRIT-based algorithm to estimate the direction-of-arrival of an arbitrary degree polynomial-phase signal with a single acoustic vector-sensor. The proposed time-invariant ESPRIT algorithm is based on a matrix-pencil pair derived from the time-delayed data-sets collected by a single acoustic vector-sensor. This approach requires neither a prior knowledge of the polynomial-phase signal's coefficients nor a prior knowledge of the polynomial-phase signal's frequency-spectrum. Furthermore, a preprocessing technique is proposed to incorporate the single-forgetting-factor algorithm and multiple-forgetting-factor adaptive tracking algorithm to track a polynomial-phase signal using one acoustic vector sensor. Simulation results verify the efficacy of the proposed direction finding and source tracking algorithms.